Thursday, April 1, 2010

Love and Marriage

The other night my four year-old son wanted me to play a game of Nerf basketball with him. He wanted to go downstairs to one of his brothers’ room while I wanted to play upstairs near my husband, since I hadn’t seen him all day.

Son: But why do you want to play by where Daddy is?

Me: Because I love him!

Son (with a kindergartener taunt): If you love him, why don’t you marry him?

Me (smiling): I did!

Son (giggling): You married Dad?

Me: Of course I married Dad.

Son (still giggling): Did you marry Dad because you love him?

Me: Yes.

Son (more serious in tone): Do people get married because they love each other?

Me: Yes . . .

Son (with a face of total disgust): But I don’t wanna love a girl!

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