Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tongue of Angels

Here are some things I learned as I studied 2 Nephi 32:1-5:

• I have been given the Gift of the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.

• With the Holy Ghost as my companion, I “could speak with the tongue of angels.”

• And on those occasions, when I am not speaking with the tongue of angels, I do not have the Holy Ghost. (And I think I am pretty sure I know when I am speaking without the Holy Ghost!)

• An angel could include me! (When it comes to speaking, that is.)

• So, when I speak “by the power of the Holy Ghost,” I am speaking like an angel!

• And speaking like an angel (in angel tongue) means I am speaking the words of Christ!

• So there is one HUGE reason why “feasting on the words of Christ” is so important! It gives me POWER to speak His words.  So when I do speak, they are His words that can come out of my mouth.

• Also, because I have the Holy Ghost, I have the right to Ask and Knock.

• Asking. Knocking. (Boy, I need to do this more often.)

• By asking and knocking, I open my heart to the Holy Ghost who can then bring me out of the dark and into the light.

• Then, when I do see the light (ding), the Holy Ghost can show me ALL things what I should do . . . and say! All things!  That is truly amazing!

• Note to self: Reread Elder Holland’s April 2007 General Conference Talk!!!


  1. Darla...I did not know you had a blog until my mom told me today. I love it! Hope your family is doing well.

  2. Dore, I didn't even know your mom knew I had a blog! I am surprised how much I like doing it! Our family is mil-doing in this weather - how's yours?! ;D

  3. We are good. Gearing up for summer. Need to make a trip out to Utah to see my kids love the snow there.