Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two Great Ends

Yesterday, during the baptism, we watched the video “The Restoration.”

I love the story of The First Vision.

I love it because it invokes in me tender feelings of when I first knew – KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT – that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God.

The prophet of the Restoration.

The First Prophet of this - the Last and Final – Dispensation.

There was one part in the video that caught a corner of my heart and it tugged on it for a long, long while.

Because I found myself thinking about the role of righteous women.

Righteous women? During the Joseph Smith video?

I know! That’s why I say it caught my heart because it wasn’t related directly . . . although it was, I think.

In the movie, after Joseph's magnificent Vision, the camera shows him leaving, quite contemplatively, that Sacred Grove of trees.

As he slowly turns away, he begins his walk from out of the tree. Slowly at first, and then gradually he is seen running towards home.

And while in his running towards home he calls, “Mother!”

Of all the people he could have told about what he saw that morning in the grove of trees, he went home to tell his Mother!

Lucy Mack Smith – this woman of a boy prophet - found herself on the boundary of two great ends: the End of the Great Apostasy and at the Beginning of the Restoration of the Fullness of Times.

And as the Restored Gospel began to unfold - literally within the walls of her own home - she left one Great End and adhered herself to a greater Beginning.

And the question I ask myself, as one corner of my heart is being tugged, is when I find myself of the boundary of two great ends, will I be strong and brave and faithful enough to adhere to the one that leads me to a greater beginning?

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