Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This week someone thought that I would be "creditable" enough go over a resume and actually have something constructive to add to their already professional accolades.

Hello. I've been a full-time, stay-at-home mom for over a decade and a "resume" is so NOT in my vocabulary.

But I'll be happy to tell you just a few of the words that are in my vocabulary: housework, homework, Church work, whistle while I work . . .

So while I was fine-tuning, this well-bred resume, to shreds (because I was trying to make a professional, well-educated resume to fit a sassy, non-professional house-mom personality - and I apologized profusely to that someone who asked my "creditable" [ha] opinion), I thought about what would happen if I cranked out a professional resume for myself.

Here is what I came up with from the top of my head.

• (Pro)created an inclusive “Eight is Great” family of seven boys and one girl and still trying to figure out why Bedtime Rituals are in favor of the children.
• This week’s culinary prowess on the incline: Two children now in favor of cucumbers and carrots; Two other children surprisingly in favor of DR Beans; and one child not asking for cold cereal for dinner (that is truly one giant leap for mankind).
• Found a GREAT deal on bacon! Brought that home and forgot the toothpaste!
• Vacuums with great agility.
• Finishes most of the ironing . . .

• Family Home Evening every Monday. (Of course, what happens between the opening and closing prayers usually surprises us, too).
• I love the scriptures. I gotta have my daily dose!
• I (usually) have clean bathroom mirrors because dirty ones are a HUGE pet peeve.
• I am honest. Unless we are dealing with chocolate in my mouth and children looking for its hiding place. . .
• I can sew a button on a shirt. Hem and Haw.

Part owner/Part Operator, Earth Family
I provide the nurture and oversee the day-to-day, sometimes minute-to-minute (when it comes to homework) operations of the business. I have a detailed understanding of what a patient mother should possess, but I lost the Instruction Guide and have to pray most of the time to find it (not for the Instruction Guide, but for the Patience). I also cater and chauffeur. And try to live within a budget . . .barring no ER visits or broken toes.

Full-time Employee, years ago
Honestly, that was so long ago that I forgot what I did or why I even did it! I remember the pay to be decent, but the rewards for the career I have now are “out of this world!”

What I really gleaned from all this resume-ing is the profound gratitude I have for my husband who provides for our family and supports all of us so I can stay home. I know not all women can say that, and I don't want to come across all snooty-tooty about it. Because I KNOW staying at home is a blessing, particularly in this economic environment!

And because a resume resembling what I wrote would barely even get me the job I have now!

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