Monday, March 1, 2010

Today's Big and Little Miracles

On Saturday night, at the Adult Session of Stake Conference (one of the best kept secrets in the Church – if I didn’t mention that already), a member of our Stake made such a profound comment. He said, “There are big miracles and there are small miracles. But really, no miracles are small, because if it happens to you, it’s BIG!”

And today – THIS VERY DAY - there occurred in my life, two BIG miracles!

Over the weekend my six-year old niece was diagnosed with Kawasaki’s Disease.

After eight days of intense, unexplainable symptoms, including an over-the-top high fever, my sister took her to an urgent care doctor, who gave a careful but exact diagnosis and sent them on their way to the ER!

She spent two nights in the hospital - complete with an echocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart and a gamma globulin transfusion.

And during these past ten days, our family has PRAYED that she would be okay.

We prayed that her little body could recover from “The Unknown Plague” that was infecting her body.

We prayed that the doctors would know exactly what to do for her symptoms, because we didn't know.

We prayed during family prayer, during dinner prayer, and even included her in all the prayers we said before we left the house.

And the BIG miracle for us today is that her heart looks GREAT! For Heavenly Father needs that little six-old on earth for a little while more!

I have this ring.

It’s not a fancy ring or even an expensive ring.

I got it at Girls’ Camp two years ago.

Inscribed on the plain, silver band is the reference: D&C 88:133.

The ring reminds me of my covenant to be fixed, immoveable and unchangeable as a sister in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To walk always in His commandments.

Well, after I got home from Scouts this afternoon, I looked at my finger AND IT WAS GONE.

It's not a ring that I can replace.

And part of me felt so devastated.

But the other part of me calmed the devastated part of me because even though this was a special ring, it was really only something temporal.

Because I thought of the ring story President Hinckley told in Conference a few years ago.

And I realized that the loss of my ring wasn’t THAT important.

But I offered a little prayer, anyway. Because it REALLY bothered me that I lost my ring.

I told Heavenly Father how that ring meant so much to me.

How that silver ring connected me spiritually to incredible young women who strengthened me and inspired me as I watched them stand for truth and righteousness.

And I told Heavenly Father that it would be okay, too, if I didn’t find it. Because I would remain true to Him, with or without my ring.

And after I prayer, I knew that I would be okay if I didn’t find it.

Then, when I picked up a dish towel and out of it fell my silver band from Girls’ Camp, I remembered the last part of that verse in D&C 88:133 about walking in thanksgiving to God forever and ever.

And I quickly went and told all my children (who, earlier, had heard my lamentation) and told them how good Heavenly Father was to me, for letting my ring fall out - right onto the kitchen floor.

And my little miracle second became, as Saturday Night’s Speaker said, such a BIG, wonderful miracle for me!

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