Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Review - "Nibley on the Timely and Timeless"

I really do love reading the writings of Hugh Nibley!

I suppose it is because my brain is SO small, SO non-knowledgeable, SO clueless compared to his, that so much of everything he writes is a new discovery for me!

This particular book is a compilation of some of his very best essays, published by Brigham Young University.

One of my favorite chapters is when he expounds upon the sacrifice of Isaac, which is a shadow and type of Abraham's sacrifice, which is a shadow and type of the Savior's ultimate, atoning sacrifice.
I do admit that there was one chapter I just had to forego because it when WHOOP - right. over. my. head.
I think the most amazing part for me, as if there is only one amazing part, is the fact that there are documents, plates and scrolls being discovered and translated daily that testify that there is a Christ!  They verify and stand as witness to the holy scriptures to which we have daily access!
This book is a fascinating discovery of ancient life, traditions and how other ancient documents parallel the history we know well in the Old and New Testaments and The Book of Mormon!  Not to mention that Brother Nibley is adept in some 14!!! languages!
For me, any work of Nibley' is a treat!
Nibley on the Timely and Timeless, Brigham Young University, 2004
I just found that Timely and Timeless is accessible online!!  Read for yourself! CLICK HERE!

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