Thursday, March 13, 2014

Prime Factorization

The great things about taking a math class is that I'm not only relearning math - I'm actually understanding how it applies into the REAL WORLD!!!

A few weeks ago I relearned what Prime Factorization is: the breaking down of a number into smaller and smaller factors until it cannot be broken down any further.

So, for example, the number 12 can be broken down first as 2*6 and then to 2*2*3.

28 breaks down first to 2*14 then to 2*2*7.

And 156 goes something like this: 2*78 to 2*2*39 and finally down to 2*2*3*13.

When numbers are prime, however, take 17, for example, the only other number than can go into it is the number 1.

What I am discovering is that that Prime Factorization has everything to do with relationships!

For example, a Prime Factorization Relationship is something two persons share when personalities and characteristic start breaking down into smaller and smaller factors. It could be as obvious as liking the same Pinterest sites or having the same athletic pastimes.  These relationship are developed faster, maybe, because it's obvious to each other what those factors are.

Or, a Prime Factorization Relationship can be less obvious and more significant when factors that are alike because of like experiences, such as deep feelings for the same Alma Mater for the same reasons or knowing the same individual who has made a difference in both lives.  Because these factors are not always obvious, these relationships take time to discover and develop.

Then there's a type of Prime Factorization Relationship that transcends time or location.  It is when to persons have been broken down to the same small factor that can only be understood through the furnace of affliction, when the fires have given the experience of losing a child to death or losing a spouse to infidelity; or being recipients of mental illness or carriers of the same disease.

And amazing to me is that with all the factorizations that do and can and will go on; that even in the breaking down to even the smallest and most infinitesimal factors, there stand our One Prime Factor - He who can be factored into every equation - even the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He suffered every prime factor so none of us would ever have to suffer anything alone.