Monday, October 7, 2013

Family Home Evening - Portavoz

Some time ago I wrote HERE about prophets being a portavoz.  Tonight for Family Home Evening our lesson/activity helped us better understand how hearing the prophet's voice has meaning and application.

We identified different prophets: Noah, Nephi, Paul, Isaiah, Alma.  (You could put the names of different prophets in a bowl and have family members pick them out one by one and share what the prophet taught during his ministry).

We discussed what each prophet's message was to their people.

My husband asked, "When you read the words of Moses or Nephi or Mormon, can you hear their voices or do you just hear your own?" (I confess, I only hear my own voice when I read, but some of my children have said they have, on occasion, been able to hear those teachings in the voice of the prophet's).

With General Conference literally at our fingertips, my husband took the liberty to see how well we knew the voices of our prophets, seers, and revelators.  We each had a paper and pencil, numbered our papers 1 - 10 and we were given a 2-3 second sound bite from this weekend's General Conference.

I was pretty amazed at how well my children did - particularly the younger ones!

We then were able to testify that when we listen to, study and ponder the words of living prophets, we will hear their voice testify to us those things we need to know in these last days as we prepare for the Lord's coming!

Don't you LOVE General Conference?!