Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Review - "Sergeant Nibley, Phd."

I have never chosen to read about WWII.

I know, generally, what happened.

I tremble when I think about what happened that ended the lives of two and a half million Jews, not to mention the thousands of others who were killed in battle.

I know that the war had to do something with Americans, Germans, Russians, Japanese and the French. But I really have no clue about everything else: the strategy, the physical locations of the battles, the generals, the soldiers’ conditions etc. etc. etc.

I suppose my ignorance on the subject has been, clearly, my dislike of the subject of war.

This book, being the first book I have chosen to read about war, was captivating to me.

Alex Nibley, Hugh’s son, used his cinematographic/documentary approach to organize thoughts and insights using photographs and the written word. In so doing, the memories of Hugh Nibley are juxtaposed with other more well-known WWII authors who also had a first-hand account of what was going on.

As with the pioneers who crossed the plains, there is a general picture painted. A general idea of what happened. Perhaps even an overgeneralization, at that.

But once one starts reading the feelings and first hand experiences, the memories of people who lived through history, it is amazing what insights and strength comes from those who recognize God’s hand in all things.

Anyway, I was surprised how engaged I was to read this book! I found myself amazed a one man’s experience – one man’s ability to survive what he saw and observed, and then continue on as one of BYU’s great ancient religious intellects!

Sergeant Nibley, Phd. by Alex Nibley and Hugh Nibley

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