Friday, April 9, 2010

A Taste of Heaven

I attended a temple sealing today.

BTW - It was far more beautiful than any civil ceremony I have ever seen in person or on TV!

I knew the bride. Last year she was only 12 (well, at least it seems that way to me)!

She grew up overnight!

And today she was old enough (and worthy!) to be sealed in the temple for eternity to a worthy young man.

The wonderful thing about weddings is that it brings friends, from afar, together.

I was able to visit a couple who moved from our neighborhood eight years ago!

My husband and I had really only known them for a year. That's only 12 months. A mere 52 weeks.

And yet, this couple is so near and dear to my heart.

As I sat there next to them it felt as if we never did part.

As if we had been together these last eight years.

And I had to catch myself wondering why that is so.

How is it that there are people with whom our hearts knit together in love, in admiration, in gentle affection that no matter how short the earth time of being together, the time apart seems so trivial?

How can that closeness be felt when our earth time together was so immensely short?

I suppose that is the answer of heaven!

For heaven, I believe, is a sweet reunion of loved ones whose hearts have been knit together since the very beginnings of time.

And for some of those knitted hearts, the Lord has allowed earthly paths to cross and intertwine, even if it is for a short time.

So this morning, there in the temple sealing room, my heart swelled in faith-filled gratitude for the taste I had of what heaven will feel like!

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  1. You're a dear, dear heart, Darla!!! Truly it was a slice of heaven to be in that holy place with angel friends today. It couldn't have been more perfect. Where friends gather, there is home!!