Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strength and Weakness

Today, during Sacrament Meeting, a brother shared his testimony and suggested that when we encounter one of our personal, human weaknesses, God immediately sends someone with a strength to help us out!

That singular statement brought to my mind NUMEROUS occasions when I have encountered a personal weakness and when the Lord did send someone to help me out.

Many times I didn’t recognize it as such. Perhaps it was because I was looking beyond the person or persons, not realizing THEY were sent from God.

One such experience happened when I was a teenager.

I had made some stupid decisions that very easily could have led me down a road filled with much regret, sorrow and despair.

But the Lord loved me enough to send my parents as a road block. A detour. A stop sign!

Of course I didn’t recognize THEM as someone the Lord would send to help me out in a weak point, because, after all, they were my parents . . .

In fact, I was annoyed by their deliberate infiltration of "my space."  Believing that their objective only made my teenage life more uncomfortable, more unpopular, and clearly unfair!

But now, as I look back, I know that God knew that my parents had strengths in the very areas in which I was weak.

And because of their intervention (a.k.a. their strengths), I have literally seen that that one weakness I once possessed, has become an incredible, immovable strength and testimony to me! For at a tender age, when I encountered a serious, personal human weakness, the Lord immediately sent someone with a strength to help me out!

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