Friday, April 23, 2010

You're a Chicken

The other day I was given 15 dozen eggs!

So, today, along with figuring out how to eat and give-away 180 eggs, I’ve been thinking about chickens.

When I was young we had chickens.

The eating part of the eggs – delicious!

The gathering part of the eggs – dangerous!

Dangerous because chickens have ‘a pecking order.’

Somehow, as the hens cluck around and peck at grain and find worms, they also figure out amongst themselves a plan.

A plan to choose one special chicken.

And one hen is singled out.

One hen becomes the target.

And from that time on, all the other chickens peck at her.

Pecking out feathers. . .

Leaving her exposed . . .

And naked. . .

Or sometimes blind in one eye. . .

Which may mean nothing to us-

Unless, of course, we are the one chicken.

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