Friday, April 16, 2010

Dinner with Children

Today my children decided that they wanted to make and serve a delicious candlelight dinner for my husband and me.

Our oldest is 12.

Our youngest is 4.

And there are six others, all squished in between, who argued for rank in the kitchen.

They suggested a whole list of restaurant meals that would take HOURS to create by someone who actually knows how to make them . . .

So, I told them to go back to the drawing board.

Then out came suggestions for French Toast, Hawaiian Haystacks and Nachos. . .

Umm, we compromised and bought some frozen pot stickers and egg rolls from Costco.

I have to say, two of my boys followed baking instructions pretty well! Restaurant well!

Two others set up a table for two in our library - with a Caramel Apple Pie scented candle as the fragrant centerpiece.

One dimmed the lights, put on Kenny G and closed the French glass doors after the others brought out our food and poured our drinks.

And while we ate, I saw sixteen eyes and eighty fingers pressed closely against the glass.




And then it occurred to me that maybe this was a duplicated scene of some years ago.

Before I had children.

Before I was married.

Maybe I was on a date.

Or in school.

Or at a Church meeting.

And eight spirits up in heaven, on the other side of the veil, stood waiting for the opportunity to receive an earthly body - through me.

Watching very closely.

Hoping in faith that I would remain faithful and worthy to seal their eternal desire in the House of the Lord.

Smiling for the day that they could come down and be mine.

Be ours.

So they could serve us a candlelight dinner on a night like tonight!