Monday, April 5, 2010

Liberty and Life; Captivity and Death

Here are some things I learned as I studied 2 Nephi 2:26-29:

Jesus Christ redeems ME from The Fall.

Redemption from The Fall means I am free.

Free Forever.

Being Free Forever is this:
• Knowing good from evil
• Acting for oneself vs. being acted upon by another
• Understanding that consequences follow laws

For right now, I am Free in the Flesh. Being Free in the Flesh means:
• I have available to me ALL the tools I need to make my choices, for my life, in whatever situation I find myself.
• I can choose LIBERTY and ETERNAL LIFE
• I can choose CAPTIVITY and DEATH

Liberty and Life; Captivity and Death. It’s what earthly war is ALL about. It is what was fought for in Book of Mormon times; it what was fought for during the Civil War. It is what is being fought for today!

It is why the War in Heaven is still in progress.

Liberty and Eternal life point to Jesus Christ.

Captivity and Death point to Lucifer.

So here are two simple things of what NOT to do if I want Liberty and Eternal Life (these are written out for me to remember):
1. Do not choose eternal death
2. Do not give into the wills of the Flesh (which will be Wednesday’s blog)

Because in so doing, we limit our potential, we limit our becoming and he who is so miserably miserable will make us miserable still . . .and I really can’t stand it when I am miserable!

And here are four things I MUST do to receive Liberty and Eternal Life (because it is just not awarded to anyone and everybody (btw – this has also been written out for me, because just avoiding the above two is not good enough)! I must:
1. Look to the great Mediator
2. Hearken to His commandments
3. Be faithful to Him and His teachings
4. Choose eternal life.

And the Holy Ghost will help me get there. I am not alone.

And that is worth a big SMILE (Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal – see 2 Nephi 9:39).

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