Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Happiness of Virtue and Chastity

Today, as I did my errands - with my two youngest children - we found ourselves in a Women's Clinic

As we waited to pick up some information, my children and I sat on a couch in a small waiting room facing a teenage couple.  They were comfortably intertwined with one another, which made me uncomfortable!

The girl was crying.

I immediately knew why.

My five year old daughter stared, trying to understand the tears of this young girl.

Several times she whispered in my ear, "Mommy, why is that girl crying?"

Each time I whispered back, "I'll tell you when we get out."

And sure enough, the moment we stepped out of the clinic my daughter wanted to know.

So we walked a few steps and I knelt beside her.  The Spirit (the WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE Holy Ghost) gave me the words to say:

"Honey, that girl and that boy we saw in there are not married to each other and they just found out she is going to have a baby.  And the girl is sad."

I could see the look in her eyes.  Having babies in our family is a HUGE, HAPPY deal.  I could see her confusion.

"Heavenly Father wants us to have babies after we are married.  Mommy and Daddy were so happy when we had you and all your brothers because we had you after we were married in the temple.  Because that boy and girl did not keep the commandments, and they are not married and now they are going to have a baby, they are sad.  And Heavenly Father is sad, too."

My daughter nodded.  She understood.

The Spirit provided a beautiful lesson for the both of us on the happiness of virtue and chasity.