Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Potion #9

It all started last December when my sister, who is just 15 months younger than I, phoned me to tell me that SURPRISE! She was expecting #5!

And instead of thinking, “Phew, I am SO glad that it’s not me!” I thought, “Oh my, that so could BE me!”

Then come April, a friend of mine who is three years younger than I, emailed me to let me know that SURPRISE! She was expecting #5 - her youngest being five!

And instead of thinking, “Phew, I am SO glad that it’s not me!” I thought, “Oh my, that SO could be me!”

So last month when I started feeling A LOT sick to my stomach and regular smells started making me feel oozy-woozy, it was no surprise that it WAS me expecting #9!!

My children are so ecstatic they hardly know how to contain themselves!  In fact, they have known for FOUR weeks and have been incredible about keeping confidence that they spoke not a word to anyone outside our family - until yesterday, when we decided it was all they could handle!

To which one of my boys responded "Mom! Kids in my class keep asking me if we are going to have more kids! I can't WAIT to get to school tomorrow and tell them we ARE! And by the way," he added in all seriousness, "can we have one more baby after this?!"


  1. Oh, congratulations! That is so exciting! What a lucky soul to come to your family. Good luck!

  2. And to think, our children will be 7 months apart.
    How wonderful!!!!!
    This little girl needed a cousin close her age.
    As for the hopes of another baby after that one, your kids and my kids have the same idea in mind.

  3. Oh congrats! Why don't you do another set of twins and get #10 here too? =0) Yay for twinners! Congrats, congrats, congrats!