Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Home Evening - Come Unto Christ

April 2010 General Conference Talks: Miscellaneous (see below)

Objective: Applying teachings from General Conference that can help our family "Come Unto Christ."

Lesson: Each of our reading children chose a paragraph from a talk of their choice to share and explain how living the principles can help our family come unto Christ.

Some of the things we discussed were:

1. Christ offers us rest and peace if we give to Him our burdens. We defined what "burdens" were and why we giving our burden to Christ is one way we "Come Unto Him."(see Elder Donald L. Hallstrom's talk).

2. Being respectful when we disagree with one another will help in keeping the Spirit in our home. (see Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk).

3. Let's be cheerful in all things - particularly when we don't want to do our chores or fulill our responsibilities because we'd rather be doing other things. (see Elder Robert D. Hales's talk).

4. Being patient will develop our character and make up happy so we won't be grumpy with everyone. It's something I needed to hear today! (see Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk).

5. Finally, and so beautifully, my husband and I were brought to repentance as one of our sons reminded us of our duty to "bear our testimonies so that our children will know where are our hearts are and that we love them."  WOW!  I am SO grateful for his wisdom! (see Elder Robert D. Hales's talk).

And for our refreshments we were so lucky to have Grandma with us because she brough Ice Cream Toffee Bars!!

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