Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Would You Rather . . .

In our family we play this game we’ve called “Would You Rather. . .”

It is a lifesaver for those times when we find ourselves waiting in the car, in a line, at a doctor’s office, etc.

We go around and each person asks and is asked a “Would You Rather” question. For example: “Would you rather live on the moon or deep in the ocean?” or “Would you rather swim in Jell-o or in peanut butter?” (My children come up with GREAT questions.  My four year old is the best!)!

So yesterday three children and I found ourselves waiting in a doctor’s office when the need arose to play “Would You Rather. . .

And here was the dialogue between my five year-old daughter and my seven year-old son:

Daughter: Would you rather be a dog . . . with fleas . . . that lick people’s mouths OR a prince who marries Cinderella?

(Note: My children have SERIOUS germ phobias when it comes to mouths AND dogs!)

Son (disgusted): ICK! I’d rather be a DOG!

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