Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Home Evening - Family Fun

Tonight we passed out a piece of paper and pencil to each member of the family and asked 18 questions.  Answers were to be written on the paper without anyone else knowing what was being written.

Here are the questions:
1. Your favorite day of the week
2. A month of the year
3. A woman found in the New Testament
4. A city in the Book of Mormon
5. One of the original 12 Apostles
6. One book from the New Testament
7. An animal named in the scriptures
8. An important principle of the gospel
9. One of our latter-day Apostles
10. An office in the Aaronic Priesthood
11. Someone from the scriptures who saw an angel
12. A city where Joseph Smith lived
13. A topic from April's General Conference
14. A Book of Mormon prophet
15. Name a temple
16. Favorite Family Home Evening Treat
17. Favorite Family Home Evening Song
18. A line from our family Mission Statement

After writing down their answers, we divided into two teams of four. (My husband and I were not any team). We re-asked the questions.  When TWO members of the same team had the SAME answer, they received FIVE points.  When THREE members of the same team had the SAME answer, they received TEN points.  And, when ALL members of the same team had the SAME answer, they received TWENTY points!!!

We had fun hearing everyone's responses and also time to clear up any questions or misconceptions like: Samuel being a book found in the Old Testament, not the new; King Benjamin was not a city in the Book of Mormon and hippos were not mentioned in the scriptures, even if Noah did take animals of every kind on the ark!

We did find out that the ice cream is the favorite treat for Monday Nights and Armies of Helaman is the #1 Song on Family Home Evening Night!

I'd love to hear what fun, teaching activities you do in your Family Home Evening !

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  1. One of our favorite activities is a 3 person drawing; Fold a paper in 3rds width-wise; one person draws in the top area a head down to the neck and just over the fold so the next person can add a body down to the waist. Again, just over the fold, so the last can draw the legs. As each person finishes their part, they fold it under and pass it to the next person so that person 2 doesn't know what type of head person 1 drew, and 3 doesn't know what type person 1 or 2 drew. Then when the 3rd person finishes, they get un-folded and everyone gets to laugh at what a funny drawing was made. I suppose you could make some parallels to following the example of those that have come before, but we mostly just giggle.