Thursday, September 16, 2010

Praying For Rain

My husband is self-employed.

Every day we pray for rain.

Because rain equals work.

Without rain our family wouldn’t survive and neither could my husband – the hunter, the gatherer, the provider that he was divinely created to be.

Being self-employed, at least for us, has meant occasional phases of abundant rain. Those occasional phases has brought unassuming acknowledgment of God’s hand in our lives!

Most of the time, however, we find ourselves figuring out how to forecast the drought. For we are less than seldom accurate when it comes to predicting when the rain will fall, or for how long.

But life is a fertile testing ground, filled with so many opportunities to grow faith and nurture testimony.

And what I am realizing is that not so long ago many more people in this very country prayed for rain.

Prayed for rain to provide.

Prayed for rain to live.

Prayed for rain to survive.

We funny, civilized people think that rain should come when the weather guy says so.

Or we think rain should be convenient only to fit our schedule, our plans, or our moods.

But for me, because it is something that is constant on my mind, rain is symbolic of how much I need God!

How much I need Him to bless me.

How much I need Him to show me.

How much I need I Him in my life!

I have had too many experiences of being – physically and spiritually - right where I have needed to be to humbly “consider the lilies of the field how they grow.”

I know that lilies don’t have mortgage payments or the worry of transportation needs or costs, but God still arrays them.

Additionally, He continues to clothe the grass of the field, which will inevitably turn brown with autumn on its way!

And along with the lilies and the grass, God gives me an assurance - His parental promise - that “even so will he clothe ME, if I am not of little faith!!”

Let me tell you, sometimes my faith is SO little when I’m in the shadow the Great and Spacious Building! Celebrated by super-model shopping sprees, big screen TVs with 500+ channels, luxuriously furnished homes, and technology that is guaranteed to make life better, easier and more fascinating!

But in drought or times of plenty, I KNOW the Great and Spacious building has NOTHING to offer me at all!

No promises.

No assurances.

And certainly no mortgage payments.

So I continue to pray - pray for rain.

Because rain is what I need.

It is what my family needs.

And I believe rain is what He wants me to need, too.

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  1. I wish I could send some of this NW rain to you. Literally and Figuratively.