Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Once upon a time, there was a newly-wed girl who really thought (for several years after her marriage), that she could somehow still be independent of the man she married.

That if anything happened to her husband she would be able to continue on.

Continue on without marriage having had much effect on her heart or soul or her life.

Well, let me just say that this was SUCH a self-centered, dim-witted, uber-na├»ve concept to even contemplate or assume. I am SO glad she had time to grow-up. Repent. See the Light!

Because REAL things started to happen to this girl.

Real things like having children.

Having lots of children so very close together.

Things like dark, lonely, sad times.

Things like happy, incredible, joyful times.

Things like church times. When most of the time he was serving others outside of the home.

Things like home times. When most of the time she was serving only those inside of the home.

Things like deep, profound spiritual times.

Things like intimate, marital bonding times.

And many, many years later, when the girl had matured into marriage and had added to that “experience and application,” she began to reflect on the selfish, egotistical, arrogant, and ignorant thoughts she has when she first married.

How thoroughly inter-dependent she had become on this wonderful man she had covenanted her heart for forever.

How important he was in helping her with the children.

Each of them. All of them. For they were a LOT of them!

How incredibly blessed she was to have him during those dark, lonely times.

How extremely grateful she was to have him during those happy, joyful times.

How Church Times strengthened their marriage because he was serving others!

How Home Times strengthened their marriage because she was serving their family!

How those deep, profound spiritual times not only brought them closer to God, but brought them closer to each other.

And how those intimate, marital bonding times cemented all their hope, love, joy and faith into all they ever were or all they would ever become.

Because a good marriage takes more than a several years of trying.

Because a good marriage takes HARD work and a decent amount (okay, a HUGE amount) of patience.

Because a good marriage requires both husband and wife to cleave - as the scriptures say - to one another.

Because a good marriage will some day lead to happily ever (forever and ever) after.

Just it won’t be a fairy tale. It will be for reals.

Happy Valentine’s to the man, my husband, who has made me an intricate, absolute part of him.

Ooh, I love you!

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