Thursday, February 11, 2010

Repentance Is Like A Broken Arm

Having a broken arm in the family has taught us so many things about repentance!

We've learned that wishing we could go back and change that moment in time is like recognizing the sin and the beginning of godly sorrow.

We've talked about how painful it was waiting for medical care.  And the x-ray: OUCH!  It's like hoping we can get better without any help, but knowing our sinful ways hurt. And we can't get better unless we see the Master Physician.

We've discussed how painful and s-l-o-w the healing process is.  And four pins in an arm doesn't make that journey less enjoyable knowing they will have to come out in the end!  Repentance is painful and s-l-o-w, but in the end, if you do it right - with the Savior - the sin will come out in the end!

We've even noticed that that one broken arm, now casted but still weak, is the arm that always seems to get knocked and bumped around.  How easy it is to forget - by oneself and others - that during the repentance process, even though things look better: "Healing Is Still In Progress.  Please Be Soft."  There is much more than meets the eye (or the arm).

We've encouraged Endurance.  Enduring the pain  Enduring not being able to do everything yourself.  Enduring dependance on others when you once were able to do it for yourself.  We've even had to add that it's not just in the endurance.  It's in the attitude of enduring that makes all the difference.  Repentance is about enduring or rather, enduring it well.  Our attitude gives us soft hearts, open minds, and a closer relationship to God.

We're trying to help our broken-armed boy remember his pain while he still has it!  Once his arm is healed, the pain will be gone.  Perhaps a few scars will remain but the pain he is currently facing will be but a memory.  Repentance is like that.  While in the process we remember our pain, but when we apply the Atonement, the Savior's infinite and eternal sacrifice - our joy, our healing, the result of our repentance - will bring to us as much joy as was our pain. "Return unto me," He beckons, "and repent of your sins . . . that I may heal you."

For now, we use pain meds.  They're like the Spirit.  It's the Spirit who helps us through those tough times, when we think we can never fully be healed, repent. He give us comfort.  He gives us direction.  He gives us peace.  He helps facilitate our pain.  Our healing.  Only you can never OD on the Spirit.  Once you use Him, you want to use Him over and over again.  And the Spirit leads us to the Ultimate Pain Med - the Savior.

And gratefully, as the Book of Mormon testifies over and over and over again "And it shall come to pass."  For broken arms in bright blue casts and repentant sinners enveloped in the Savior's love (which is all of us), will emerge healed and whole.  For that is the only way it could come to pass because repentance is like a broken arm.


  1. what an awesome object lesson for your family - you are good at those. I remember some from the past!

  2. Hee hee, it will end up being a four-week FHE on repentance! Hopefully it will be remembered - if it's only rememebered by the one who broke his arm!!!