Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prince Charming

Not too long ago I was with a bunch of kindergarteners. My, they were having a good time with each other while eaves dropping at the same time!

I know because when I ended my phone conversation with my husband, one precocious six-year old girl asked me - point blank - “Who was that on the phone?!”

Me: Why, that was Prince Charming!

Six-year old (now with eyes as big as diamonds, a mouth wide open with barely a whisper escaping her mouth): Pr-Prince Ch-Charming?

Me: Yup.

My six-year old son (matter of factly): Ha! Prince Charming is my Dad. That’s what my Mom calls him.

My four year-old daughter (piping in her two-cents worth): And do you know why she calls him Prince Charming? Because they are married and they love each other. (My daughter’s eye lashes were fluttering about now).

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