Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stake Conference - Saturday Night Adult Session

Just so everyone knows: The Saturday Night Adult session of Stake Conference is one of the BEST kept secrets of the Church!

Tonight I went to Stake Conference with a specific question in my heart - A question for the Lord to help me in a matter that has caused a terribly loud “silent treatment” to occur between me and some people that I love very much.


Well, MORE than people.

Family members.

Family members with whom I really should be close.

Not far away and distant like we are right now.

But I don’t know what to do.

And I don’t know what to say.

Mostly because I am afraid that the inner-most desires of my heart will be taken lightly, or without regard.

It would be very safe to say that my heart is afraid of rejection.

These feelings trouble me as I try to figure out: Why does loving others sometimes hurt so much.

But in my heart, there is a deep, empty gap that I don’t where to begin to bridge it.

So tonight, because I know one of the best kept secrets of the Church, Elder Spencer J. Condie of the Seventy was our visiting authority for Stake Conference!

And within the context of his thoughts to us this evening, he opened the scriptures!

And there - RIGHT THERE- as opened up to Ezekiel 47 and read verses, he answered my silent question.

For I had an impression - a feeling, really - while he was talking, that somehow, with His help - this division that I caused to happen – can be healed.

And it makes me uncomfortable to think of what I need to do.

For what I need to initiate.

But my initiation may start a bridge.

A bridge to mend that gap.


But the Spirit said that this is my responsibility - to quiet the “silent treatment” and to offer love to these people that I really do love very much.

For if the “water[s] that issue from the house of the Lord could heal the Dead Sea” (chapter heading of Ezekiel 47), then the strength from His house – even the temple – can help me heal this dead relationship.

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