Monday, February 22, 2010

An Example of the Believers

Today I had lunch with a friend I haven’t seen since Junior High!! That was AGES ago. And do you know what brought us together?  (No, it wasn't Facebook . . .)

It was because of her example to me many years ago.

We both were at a party. It wasn’t a bad party. There were no alcohol or drugs. But in one room – the main room - the movie of choice was “R” rated.

Of course I didn’t watch “R” rated movies, so I stood alone in the kitchen - wanting so bad to be accepted by this group of people – but knowing I couldn't . . . because I wouldn't.

Several friends came in and out to grab a handful of chips or a cans of soda. Each of them asked me why I wasn’t with “the rest of them” watching the movie. I made some lame-o excuses: I was hungry; Something was stuck in my contact – you know, stuff like that.

Then this girl walked into the kitchen. She asked why I was in the kitchen and not watching the movie with everyone else. I came up with a really good excuse when she looked at me and clearly and plainly said, "Oh! Well, I’m in here because I don't watch "R" rated movies!” She said it. Just. Like. That.

So you can only imagine how disappointed I was in myself for being more afraid of man more than of God.

You can only  imagine how ashamed I was that I wasn’t courageous enough just to say the REAL reason I was hanging out - alone (well, almost alone) - in the kitchen.

But at that moment - the moment my friend told me like it was - something changed in my heart. And I promised myself to never, ever let a situation like that happen to me again.

And today - almost THREE decades later - she and I got together to catch up on the years in between then and now.

And I was able to thank her - face to face - for that one night when she was truly an example of the believers.

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