Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Review - "Mormon Scientist-The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring"

Mormon Scientist: The Life and Faith of Henry Eyring by Henry J. Eyring has been a fascinating read for me. 

Reading Mormon Scientist allowed me to be excited about thinking outside-the-box. About thinking beyond what I may think is the only right way. About thinking higher. Thinking clearer. Thinking enough so God, who knows all, can give me the answers.  His answers.

Henry Eyring - renowned chemist and faithful Latter-day Saint.  Scientist to the very fullest sense of the word and a practicing, testimony-bearing believer of the Restoration.

Which helped me with a life-long concern I have had about the Theory of Evolution and the Reality of the Creation.  Must these two ideas exist together or must they remain seperated and apart?

One example from the book that especially helped quell my questioning about the topic was this:  Henry Eyring responded to a "man who wrote him about a scheme for 'dismantling Evolution once and for all.'"  This man who wrote Henry desired for LDS scientists worldwide to convene together to specifically provide evidence contrary to this theory.  Henry Eying replied:
"As a devout Latter-day Saint the important fact for me is that the Lord is directing the affairs in His Universe, not exactly how He does it.  Whether or not some organic evolution was used or is operating seems to me to be beside the point.  He is infinitely wise.  I just work here.  If He told me in detail how He work I'm sure I wouldn't understand much of it.  The effort spent on the crusade ou envision would be better spent trying to understand a little better how God works.  Sorry if we see things a little differently."
And that was IT for me. 

That is what I needed to read.  I just needed to understand with temporal words what my spirit needed to be defined.

For deep, down inside of me, it really doesn't matter how God created the world, because I know He created it . 

It really doesn't matter what methods God used to create this world, because I know He can do all things

My excitment to want to learn has been enhanced by reading this book.  It has also given me a greater, deeper, more profound appreciation to a Heavenly Father who loves us enough to give us so many options, so many ways, so many opportunities to come to know Him.  That He is God.  That He lives.  That He loves us.

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