Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday - Free to Be Me

I was chocolate batter that wanted to be free
Free to be myself, to make the most of me.
“What do you want in life?” my maker asked of me.
“A yummy, yummy cupcake is what I want to be!”
“You must have restrictions,” that’s what I was told.
“For you cannot be a cupcake unless you have a mold.”
“What? Live within the bounds of a flimsy, cupcake ring?”
“Oh no! I’ll be a cupcake by doing my own thing!”
“That’s just nonsense!” I told a friend of mine.”
“I can live outside the mold and I will do just fine.
“You may need those rules and laws to be what you should be,
“But I’m a better batter! Those rules weren’t meant for me!”
Well, my friends all started rising. So light. So round. So neat.
While I oozed and dripped and fell apart - I couldn’t take the heat!
And now my friends are frosted with pink, sweet happiness.
I could have been a cupcake.
Instead, I’m just a mess.

-Author Unknown (to me, that is).

1 comment:

  1. I like that one.
    It made me wonder how many times I've spilled out because I thought I was better batter.
    Hopefully, I am getting used to the idea of the beautiful mold. It sure gets hot thought cooking in this pan!