Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scripture/Study Journals

I’ve been keeping a scripture/study journal (consistently) for several years. It’s been great for me to read past entries, look at the questions I’ve asked (I’ve made it a point to put a big, fat question mark - or 2?? - in the margins so I can easily find what my mind found baffling, so if I find the answer, I can write in the answer or at least amend what was my skewed perception)!

What started out as one scripture journal has now turned into several. My husband has gotten used to the “get ready for scripture study” nightly ritual because out comes the various notebooks, books, study material and every now and again, the dictionary. He’s all ready into 15 minutes of scripture study by the time I plop down, ready to go!

Scripture Study Notebook. This notebook is a record of my standard scripture study. This includes my personal study, as well as Sunday lesson material. I take this journal to Church on Sundays with me, so I can write down anything that answers my weekly scripture study questions and any other thing that the Spirit teaches me during the tree-hour block. I use this one daily, writing down thoughts, impressions, ideas and QUESTIONS!!!!

Preach My Gospel Notebook. While I LOVE the margins that are provided in the guide, I wanted a place to record the ideas I had about all the scripture references listed. PHEW! It has taken my quite some time to read just 30 pages because I have chosen to read every scripture reference and make a note about it in my notebook.

Random Thoughts/Quotes to Remember Notebook. When I am reading a book and find a phrase or an idea thought-provoking or critical to me, I write them in this notebook. This is also the notebook that contains quips and experiences of my family – the ones that if I don’t write down I will be bound to forget!

Remember Notebook. This notebook I started right after General Conference October 2007.  I received a gentle nudge from the Holy Ghost after listening to President Henry B. Eyring’s talk about remembering and recognizing the hand of God in my life. This personal record surely allows me to see - more frequently - His tender mercies toward me and my family! From finding Valentine Hershey Kisses for .99 cents a bag!!! (it was a STEAL when you hae to buy for six elementary school-aged children!!) to the visit from an inspired Bishop appeared on our doorstep when our family needed it the most!

Inspiration Notebook. I started this right after General Conference October 2009. After listening to Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk about writing down the things the Spirit says to me, I felt another gentle nudge to follow his counsel. This has been the newest of my “notebook collections” and also the one that makes me ponder the very most.

Okay, I know that seems excessive! And I surely DO NOT write in all of them every night, excepting my scripture study one. I do, however, have reason to write in at least each of them once a week! And in so doing, my faith in knowing that God loves me and gives me reasons to learn and grow and think and serve fill me with an ever increasing desire to do what He wants me to do. Which may mean I might need to start a  new notebook entitled: Things To Do. Ha!

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  1. you are a marvelous work and a wonder, woman! i don't know how you do it all.