Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Book of Mormon Reading: Alma 5-6

This past Sunday, our family discussion was based on parables of the Savior. Each family member was to read, then share and teach one parable found in the New Testament. My seven year old wanted to share and teach the allegory of the good shepherd.

So before we shared together as a family, she and I read it together and I had her teach to me what she knew and I shared a few things with her.

When we all gathered back together, here's essentially what she shared:
The good shepherd is Jesus. We are sheep. He lets us in the door. The door is the way back to him. And He holds open the door because He died for us.
Today, I read about the good shepherd in Alma 5. What impressed me the most is that even after He has already paid the price for me, for my sins, for my transgressions, for my afflictions, for my infirmities, He. Still. Calls. After. Me.


He calls, in His own name, which is the name of Christ. (Alma 5:38).

Do I know my name in Christ?

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