Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here's to 18 Years!

There were eight, exuberant greetings waiting for me and my husband this morning. Each of our children took joyful delight in wishing us a “Happy Anniversary!”

For today marks our 18th! (EIGHTEEN!!!!)

I remember being a newly-wed for a little over a week thinking a 1st Anniversary was such a loooong time away.

And here it is, 18 years later. . .

Sometimes it feels just like yesterday. . .

And other times, it feels like we’ve been married forever!

Back on Valentine’s Day, I posted this blog (CLICK HERE) about marriage and about my husband.

Happy Anniversary my dear Prince Charming! (CLICK HERE)


  1. Congratulations. 6 more for Diana and I. You and Joel are such an example to us. Truly. Thank You.

  2. We're at 17.5 years, but we only have 33% of the number of children y'all have. Nobody writes like you, Hermana K.