Sunday, October 24, 2010

Words From A Prophet

There are times when politics, listening to the news, and reading news articles gets me to start wondering about the world in which we live. I find that when I allow the feelings of the adversary to penetrate, I find myself fearful for my family and for others that I love.

But how blessed we are that the Lord sends us prophets who give us hope for the present and faith for the future!

Let me back up to earlier this week, on a morning when I was praying to Heavenly Father to give me guidance on what to do with one of my sons.  In the middle of my prayer I was stopped mid-sentence!  And carefully, yet distinctly, the Spirit placed this specific thought in my brain: "Incorporate President Hinckley's Counsel and Prayer for Youth in your family discussion."

I was taken back for a moment because obviously those words were not mine.  I would have never thought of this on my own!

So, as I often do during my prayer time, I had to take a few minutes to create a plan of action.

Me: Yipee, we already have a VHS copy of the talk!

Me: No, you need to get the DVD copy.

Me: Why? We already have one on video.

Me: Because THAT'S what you are supposed to do.

Me: Okay . . .

Later on that day I had to go pick up some "Faith in God" booklets.  Upon arriving at the Church's Distribution Center and looking around to find the Primary section, the first item I saw on a shelf was: A DVD copy of President Hinckley's Counsel and Prayer to Youth."  Honestly (and sad to say), because I had three children in tow and a time limit, I only had the booklets on my mind. But the Lord was serious with me and not only did He send the Spirit to tell me in my heart and mind, He directed my eyeballs to that DVD!

Of course I bought it!!

Anyway, fast forward to this evening when we gathered as a family to view and discuss this incredible talk. I prayed that whatever my son needed to hear, he would understand it.

Well, to my astonishment, within the opening lines of President Hinckley's address he said these words, which pierced the depths of my troubled heart and opened it to the peace that only the Savior promises:
"Every generation that has ever walked the earth has faced challenges. We could spend the entire evening talking about them. But of all the challenges that have been faced in the past, the ones we have today, I believe, are most easily handled. I say that because they are manageable. They largely involve individual behavioral decisions, but those decisions can be made and followed. And when that happens, the challenge is behind us."
"of all the challenges that have been faced in the past, the ones we have today . . . are the most easily handled."  As President Hinckley continues he gives the guidance necessary to handle the challenges and the sins of this generation.
And as I sat there and listened to the portion of his talk we shared as a family, all I could feel was gratitude to a Heavenly Father.  A loving Heavenly Father who knew that a prophet's voice would not only help my son, but it would also help me!


  1. Oh, I LOVE these kinds of answers! I enjoy your blog.

  2. Thanks, Darla. How inspiring and wonderful to know He will take care of us and our families if we put our hand in His! Thanks for being a rock.