Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yoga and The Holy Ghost

This morning I spent some time volunteering in my daughter’s kindergarten class – reading, helping with math and putting together some reading books.

Another mother was also there. She was there to share her talent and knowledge of Yoga with the children.  I found her happy and positive.

She has recently opened a Yoga Therapy practice at a local nutrition store.  Yoga is her life.  Her "religion."

As she began her session with the children, she asked them questions about Yoga.

She told them that Yoga means “coming together.”

She told the children that Yoga helps bring together three things: body, mind and spirit.

Then, to help @#!*% understanding, she asked: What is the body? What is the mind? What is the spirit?

When she asked the last question I heard three kindergarten voices reply, “The Holy Ghost! The Spirit is the Holy Ghost!”

Mothers and fathers, isn't great to know Family Home Evening Mondays, Church-attending Sundays, and everything else in between are slowly, but surely sinking in!

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