Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday - Faith Not Fear

I have [something] to say to you who are troubled about the future. I say them lovingly and from my heart.

Never let fear and the father of fear (Satan himself) divert us from our faith and faithful living. Every person in every era has had to walk by faith into what has always been some uncertainty. This is the plan. Just be faithful. God is in charge. He knows your name and He knows your need.

-Jeffery R. Holland
CLICK HERE to read Elder Holland's entire article!


  1. I sure love you, Darla! Thanks for keeping your heart and mind turned to the prophets. They are an anchor in the storm. It is inspiring and has given me much food for thought.

    p.s. We made your cookies last night and I'm pretty sure that next to triple chocolate cheesecake it is the most decadent thing I've ever eaten--sent 6 off to my girl's teachers this morning :).

    Only 6 dozen left.

  2. Amy: I love you, too! And I am so thrilled that those cookies rank right up there with cheesecake. I have a FABULOUS chocolate cheesecake recipe my children are begging me to make! Maybe I'll post it sometime!

    P.S. I bet you made a teacher smile today! :)