Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not to Offend You . . .

I finally broke down and bought some maternity clothes.

Not because I wanted to, but because I needed to!

For I have come to realization that “regular” clothes aren’t appropriate anymore for a woman of my growing size.

So, after examining the prices of NEW maternity clothes at a department store, I chose to patronize the local thrift store instead.

And for the price of ONE brand new maternity shirt and ONE brand new pair of maternity pants, I bought two pairs of pants, one skirt, three blouses and a black dress  (for slimming) FOR THE SAME PRICE!!

(Which will make me feel a TON better that I didn’t spend anymore once I start dribbling food all over my shirts because my stomach ends up being an extension of the table when I eat.)

So for now, call me a bargain shopper, because I am pregnant and on a budget!

Anywhoooo, today, for the first time, I donned on one of my new maternity outfits - for because we were going out as a family!

The blouse was a gorgeous deep red with very fancy silver buttons, which paired perfectly with a slimming black faux-velvet skirt.

I felt so modest and pretty – sporting my new wardrobe-on-a-budget and all.

Every one of my children made a comment on how nice I looked! (Make me feel sooo good!)

Except one . . .

One of my sons, upon taking a look at me in my new outfit, took me aside and said hesitantly, “Mom, I don’t want this to offend you, but . . .” his voice faded.

“But what, honey?” I probed.

“Please. Please don’t be offended.” he asked.

“I won’t be offended. Just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Well,” he began honestly, yet tenderly, “the new clothes you are wearing kinda make you look pregnant!”

I was so NOT offended . . .


  1. ha ha! how cute is he?!

    i buy almost everything we wear at thrift stores, with the exception of some shoes (which come from payless or walmart primarily) and socks. if it's not from a thrift store, then it was bought at thrift store prices. or given to us by others who were passing things along.

    i love a great deal! ♥

  2. Ha! How funny, Darla! There's nothing quite so refreshing in life as an honest soul?

    Once, about 9 years ago, I was the music chorister in primary and had shared an exceptionally spiritual thought with the kids. One of them raised their hands in the silence that followed my testimony and added what they knew. "You have a run in your panty hose."

    I'm all about thrift stores as well. Some people's kids get excited about going to McDonald's, the pet store, etc. You should hear my kids when I tell them we're going to the D.I.

  3. So cute! Hey, would you like to borrow my maternity clothes? They're just sitting in a storage tote downstairs. I have several blouses, some pants and a black skirt. Let me know--I'd love to share.

  4. Thrift stores are wonderful. And yeah for looking pregnant. I still dream about it almost every night. Hope you weren't "offended". :)