Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Home Evening - Follow the Prophet

This Week's General Conference Talk: (CLICK HERE) Elder Claudio R. M. Costas October 2010

How we did it: Actually, we started talking about the 14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet last week, but only managed to get through four of the 14. Because in so doing, our younger children became quite obnoxious, so this was definitely a lesson that was “To Be Continued.”

After careful mother-thought, I decided this week we would make the discussion more entertaining for the younger children. So, I wrote the remaining 10 points we didn’t discuss last week on slips of paper, placed them in a bottle and we played “Spin the Bottle!”

Each family member was able to take out a slip of paper, read it and we were able to discuss it briefly, citing examples along the way. It made it fun for all!

It was also great to hear my children, who are learning about the Old Testament in Primary, recount the story of Naaman and the importance of following the prophet for, "the prophet is not limited by men's reasoning . . ."

Perhaps the only things that would have kept the younger children holding on a little longer is if I had Toostie Rolls attached to each slip of paper . . . but those lucky children received them for their Family Home Evening Treat tonight.  (Hey, we had a really good dinner to off-set the sorry excuse for a treat!!)

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