Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time Management Part II

So I'm learning more about Time Managment.

This time my learning took place in the temple.

Now I can't say this of all temples, but I will say it of the temple I attend: There are NO clocks in any of the ordinances room!

Not one.

I know.

Because when I looked all around to find the time, I came up short . . .

Which immediately filled my brain with this counsel given by Elder Richard G. Scott:

"Remove your watch when you enter a house of the Lord."

Whoa, Nelly! Watch = Clock

For because watching the clock means a whole lot of rush, rush, rush, go, go, go, do, do, do, gone, gone, gone, and not enough listening and learning and worshipping.

Which listening and learning and worshipping is what I am supposed to be doing in the temple - the whole "staying still" so I can see the salvation of the Lord.

Because watching a clock means being on my schedule, not His!

And there I was, in the temple, feeling so pleased I had learned something more about God's time.

But later on that very evening - that! very! evening! - I found this (even better) explanation in the Doctrine and Covenants as to why I have been asked to remove my watch when I enter a house of the Lord . . .

"Satan is bound and time is no longer."
(Doctrine and Covenants 84:100)

Hello bright lightbulb above my head!

Satan. is .BOUND. to. TIME.

And because he is bound to time, his time is running out. And he knows it.

And in order for his influence NOT to be felt in the one place on earth that is God's House, I have been asked to remove one of Satan's influences - my watch.

And this time, instead of feeling so pleased for learning, I was humbly grateful for God's tender love in teaching me more about His time and His ways.


  1. I so enjoy reading about the insights you receive! This is great. Too bad I can't apply the same priniciple when I shop at Wal-mart. I HATE how they don't have clocks so I can see if I'm running late for my next errand. :D