Friday, August 12, 2011

My Children Are Like . . .

My children are like a band.
A rock band.
An extremely loud, heavy metal rock band, where everyone wants to be the lead singer at. the. same. time.
And everyday is a world(wind) tour.
And bedtime is a nightmare.
Have you ever tried putting a rock band to bed??

My parents are like water and oil.
My mom is the water. My dad is the oil.
Seldom are those two suspended together at the same.
And if they are, it lasts for about ummmm, this ----------- long.
But it works for them.
It will be 44 years (forty-four years!!!!) this year!

My husband is like an Uno wildcard.
He's all colors for me.
And there are times he makes me Draw Four. FOUR!
Truth be told, I am not. very. happy. about it when he does.
No, not happy at all.
And I put up one big, stinky fight.
But in the end, both of us come out Numero Uno.

Our landlady is like an angel.
I know heaven is watching over us because of her!

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