Sunday, August 28, 2011

Especially for Big Families

Today in my grateful heart I thanked the Lord for watermelons.  Because I think the Lord made watermelons especially for large numbered families!! 

What other fruit can feed the masses?

(Umm, Zucchinis are vegetables . . .)

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  1. It worked! I looked on Blogger Help and found some advice where others were having the same problem with commenting -I'll post how to on my blog. I've loved that about watermelon, this summer. It lasts us almost 3 meals in 2 days with five kids. Recently a blogger friend of mine showed how she cuts them here:

    I tried it and it actually worked out; I think in the past, that's why I stayed away from watermelon because it's such a fun chore to cut it up (and the sticky juice everywhere, hence why my kids are sent outside to eat it if it's off the rind)