Monday, August 22, 2011

Father's Blessings

For Family Home Evening we had the opportunity to have father's blessings pronounced upon our children as a new school year begins this week.

I am just beginning to understand that this is a BIG, HUGE deal!

For because where I grew up in a home where we just knew that a priesthood blessing from my Dad was always in order at the beginning of every school year. But my husband did not.

In fact, he did not receive one father's blessing for school - ever.

He had never heard of that until we got married, began our little quiver of children and it was time for our oldest to head off to the scary world of kindergarten.

And it was a very new thing for my husband to even think about.

And it was a very good thing for my husband to do.

But tonight, as my husband shared with out children that he never ever had a father's blessing given to him and my sweet children, feeling so sympathetic toward him, I began to think of all the wonderful families I know that for one reason or another don't have that same opportunity.

And while my heart  swelled with immense gratitude for priesthood blessings, it was also filled with a deep sense of longing to fill the void in all those mothers who hope for a blessing for their children, and for all those children who don't even know what they are missing.

But I am sure God is mindful, for He is the Father of all Blessings.

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