Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My 5 year-old daughter made me a beautiful necklace with the beads she received for Christmas. 

Four times on the necklace she had carefully placed the word MOM.

Apparently I ws wearing it upside down because when I was looking in the mirror this afternoon, I misread the words to read WOW.


This MOM is an upside down WOW?!

I just hope that one day I can WOW these kids of mine!!


  1. That's cute. Does she love crafts? I have 3(someday 4) of those crafty people and then 1 craft x's 4. :) I loved your date night post. It's the simple times we'll remember, watching reruns, cooking, whatever else we can term a "date." Ours tends to be a trip to Sam's Club with Claire for lunch even if we have nothing to buy.