Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Nights with Eight

"You, you turned my inside out and you showed me,
what life was about
only you
The only one who stole me heart away.”
The Only One - David Foster, Lionel Richie

Last August our Stake President issued an invitation to all the couples of our stake: “Have a weekly date night together.”

This same counsel was given to my husband and me many, many years ago by our dear Stake President, when my hubby was serving as Bishop. At the time we had six children under the age of six! It was difficult counsel to follow.

Not because we didn’t want to, but because it was tricky find a babysitter!

Where other couples could trade off with their two or three our four, we had six!

Plus, we had a young ward with very few young women who could handle six little young 'uns.

So most date night Fridays we would put our children to bed and watch a movie, or talk, or get some inexpensive fast food take out and enjoy each other’s company.

As many parents who had teenagers promised us those many years ago, our older children have indeed grown up enough that my husband and I can sneak away more regularly. (It really is amazing to even think we are at this point) . . .

So with the counsel and invitation of our Stake President last summer, we have tried to be obedient in doing all we can to regularly set aside a weekly date night for just the two of us.

Last week, for example, we sneaked away for 45 minutes to use a Target gift card to buy birthday presents for three of our children who have birthdays this month.

A few weeks ago, we attended an early morning temple session knowing that our youngest would just be waking up when we arrived home.

Tonight, however, my husband and I were too tired to get away! We had just spent two hours playing at the pool with our children.

Our objective was to Wear. Them. Out.

And while we did just that, we were worn out, too.

So, instead of leaving the house for our weekly date night, he and I spent time in the kitchen making meatballs for tomorrow’s Sunday dinner and singing Lionel Richie love songs with and to each other.

All I can say is, it really doesn’t get any better than that! (Especially if you heard us sing!)

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  1. i'd love to have a "date" with you again...but this time in a way that doesn't put you in a pinch. Like a picnic in your livingroom or something :-)

    Maybe in February we can make that happen...this month is essentially over as far as booking anything. I love that you are dating still! ♥