Monday, January 31, 2011

Corner on His Love

It is ALREADY the LAST day of January!!

31 days in the New Year has already come and gone. And in that time I have read some incredible stories of remarkable people who love God and recognize His hand in their lives (see my Book List on the side bar.)

Over the years I have had to break myself from the terrible misconception that God only loved a certain people.

What is unfolding, as I read these stories of hope and faith, is that while members of the Church of Jesus Christ do have a corner on the fullness of gospel truths, principles and saving ordinances, no one - NO ONE has a corner on God’s love.

His love is given freely, openly, fully to anyone and to everyone.

I remember starting to understand that incredible concept just a few short days in Spain as a new missionary.

I had a great trainer who, American as she was, spoke Spanish to me e.v.e.r.y. walking moment on those terraced streets.

Don’t ask me what I remember from any of those conversations because I was just a little bit more literate than I was in understanding the spoken word (which doesn’t say very much).

But I do remember something that was placed in the depths of my heart those first few days I was getting used to new sights, new sounds, new smells, new tastes.

As we walked those streets and as my companion spoke to me in a language that I would come to learn and love, I became acutely conscious that the Lord loved these people – all these people.

As I gazed up at cement apartment six and seven stories high, filled with windows and people and hanging laundry, the Spirit whispered to mine that these people were loved by Him: that He knew their names, He was aware of their desires, He listened to their prayers, He was their Savior.

So the books I have read this month is yet another witness to me that God loves all His children.

I am still learning why He is no respecter of persons and why those who will listen to His voice and follow His teachings become favored of Him.

So I am grateful to read of others, not of our faith, who love God.

Who trust God.

Who follow God’s teachings.

And who exemplify Christlike attributes.

And share with joy their testimony of God’s hand in their lives!


  1. Just when I think I'm starting to grasp anything, I get a good dose of "you can't even possibly conceive." That seems to be the story of my life, but isn't it wonderful? How grateful I am to know there is a master in this universe who is so powerful, so full of love, so pure, so all-knowing, so EVERYTHING that is good and glorious; and that I, just one of His endless creations am allowed to have part in His work in even the smallest degree. My universe gets bigger at the thought of it.
    Sorry about that rant, Darla, but this is what you're posts do to me. You are a thought-provoking woman.
    Thank you.

  2. I was listening to this talk yesterday, in which Sister Bednar discusses this very same concept that you wrote about.

    If you're interested in having a bunch of great interviews/conversations to listen to while you go about your day (laundry, cooking, etc), there are a lot of good ones here: I'm really enjoying them.

    ♥ you, sweet friend!