Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday - Seeing Ourselves Through Trials

“How do we know who we truly are? Though we may believe otherwise, we do not really know ourselves until we see ourselves. But how do we see ourselves? There is an arrangement that allows us to see ourselves. The trials of our lives expose to us the strengths or weaknesses of our character. Trials are the mirror that allows us to see ourselves, indeed, because trials, in whatever form, reveal to us how strong or weak we are. They are not always punishment for past offenses. Once we identify our weaknesses by virtue of those trials, we then have a choice to rectify them through the proper means. Trials are similar to a test. A test will not make us more intelligent, but it will reveal our standing in a subject, thus exposing which areas we need to improve.”

-John Yves Bizimana
from Escape from Rwanda p. 140


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. I have never thought of trials as a mirror before. What a beautiful concept. Much food for thought. I guarantee I will be chewing on this for some time to come.