Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

For our Relief Society Meeting yesterday, a group of us went to an Alzheimer’s Hospice to sing to a sister who is from our ward.

She has been there for several years.

We certainly weren’t professional when it came to singing, but you should have seen the brightness in eyes of these elderly people as we sang the songs they loved: “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby”, “I Love You Truly”, “Baby Face”, and “You Are My Sunshine.”

As I looked out I saw several of them singing along with us.  It made my heart fill with emotion and I had to stop them at the tear ducts!

And then It. Hit. Me.

What songs would a group of Relief Society sisters sing to me 40 years from now? Michael Jackson? U2? Taylor Swift?


 * * *

Tonight we attended a convert baptism.

I HEART convert baptisms!

The man who was baptized tonight has been attending Church regularly in our ward for almost a year.

He was on his 5th set of missionaries!

And one of the elders who helped in teaching him, was supposed to be released today. But instead, there he sat, alongside his mom and dad who had come to take him home, to be released early tomorrow morning from his service as an honorable full-time missionary.

My younger children had not ever seen a convert baptism before so they were curious because they knew this man from Church.  They were even more intrigued that he didn’t get baptized when he was eight.

Six year-old son: “So, he didn’t get baptized when he was a boy?”

Me: “No.”

Son: “Why not?”

Me: “Maybe he didn’t know about the Church to go to Church.”

Son: “But why wouldn’t his parents take him then?”

Me: “I don’t know, but that is why there are missionaries to teach the gospel and baptize big people who didn’t know about it when they were eight.”

Son: “Wow! That’s awesome.”

* * *

My twins are 11 year-old Scouts.

It is sad to say that the first time they went fishing was this week.

And they went fishing with their Scout leaders!

And they caught four fish!

And they learned the techniques of gutting . . .

Which mean they brought these four fish HOME WITH THEM with the assignment to cook ‘em up!

YIKES! My husband and I DO NOT like to eat fish, let alone smell fish, which is why we have left the Scout leaders in charge of showing our boys other ways to have fun.

But then, receiving the assignment to COOK THEM UP???

So, to keep the odor in our home to just seven sweaty boys, a girl with half a tub of lipgloss on her face and a snorting Chihuahua, we did the de-scaling, de-capitations and de-cooking outside on the grill.

We brushed the fish with an oil and lemon juice mixture, sprinked them with salt, placed them in foil and put them in the grill . . .

I have to say, for somewhat small fish - with tiny, eentsy, thin translucent bones and careful picking through the meat and all, it filled everyone up!

And, it was a completion of a Merit Badge!!

Even though I did fill up on cantaloupe and rice!

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