Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Home Evening - Are We Fulfilling Our Duty To God?

At Stake Conference earlier this Spring, our Stake President invited each family to specifically incorporate that current General Conference talks in Family Home Evening.  I have been blessed by following the council of my priesthood leaders and have asked the Lord's guidance to help me to apply these talks on Monday Nights.

Monday Blogs will now focus what we did for our Family Home Evening.  Maybe it will invite an idea for your Family Home Evening next week!

I would also love it if you would share your ideas as well!

Topic: Are We Fulfilling Our Duty to God?
(April 2010 General Conference talk by Brother David L. Beck)

Activity: We took a short family hike/picnic dinner around a lake. The sights and sounds were astounding as we were able to observe flora and fauna and take in all the delicious fragrances that come with hiking in the mountains.

Lesson: After enjoying an environment of nature we had the following discussion: 

(A Personal Note on Family Discussions: I have found that as we allow our children to think and discuss their ideas, most of the time the points we as parents wanted to bring out and focus upon come up naturally.  Our children's insights become powerful motivators for them to act for themselves because they are the ones who brought up the discussion!!)

      1. Imagine if we lived in America 2000 years ago.  How would life be different for us?

      2. Imagine if you were a Nephite and had the opportunity to see our day.  What are some of the things you would see that would be alarming to you?  Exciting to you?  Weird to you?  Sad to you? Why?

     3. Moroni had the opportunity to see our day. He got to see US!! Read and discuss Mormon 8:35-39.  Discuss the things that concerned Moroni.  Discuss why he was concerned and how it applies to our day - to us.

     4. Read a portion from Bro. Beck's talk.  We chose to apply the following part (making the necessary adaptations to fit our family), emphasizing certain things:

"I testify that you will feel your heart changing as you become a faithful priesthood man. You will seek to be completely clean and administer the sacrament worthily. You will treat every young woman with kindness and respect. You will honor your parents. You will avoid offending the Spirit in what you think, say, or do. You will come to know the Lord, whom you serve, and you will ever strive to be like Him.

"I testify that your faithful service in the Aaronic Priesthood will change the lives of those you serve. There are people who need your priesthood service. Your family needs you. Your quorum needs you. The Church needs you. The world needs you.

"There is an urgency for you to fulfill your duty to God. I am confident that you will.

End with having someone share a personal testimony or experience!

P.S. We ALWAYS open and read from the scriptures during Family Home Evening.  We also have copies of the Ensign for each child.  CLICK HERE to read how we gave them their personal copy in Family Home Evening.


  1. I look forward to reading your ideas. Maybe by the time our kids are older I can incorporate some of them. For now, the Nursery manual is our FHE friend. =0)

  2. When our oldests were younger, our FHE lessons were about a full five minutes! Song, prayer, little story, treat. It is amazing how it comes to this. But ths is what I know - once FHE is instilled into a child's heart - they WILL NOT let you forget that Monday Night is FHE Night! You are doing a GREAT work! I'd love to hear your ideas, too!