Thursday, July 1, 2010

Answers to the Important Things

This evening our family went for a walk. As soon as we stepped foot outside my five year-old daughter grabbed my arm and said, “Mom, let’s talk!”

Me: All right! What do you want to talk about?

Daughter (thinking, with her finger on her mouth) : Umm, let’s talk about getting into a car crash.

Me: Okay.

Daughter: Why do some people go to sleep when they drive?

Me: I guess they go to sleep because they are tired.

Daughter: And then they go across the road and crash?! What happens when they wake up?

Me: Sometimes when wake up they find out they’re in a crash. Sometimes when they wake up they find themselves in heaven.

Daughter: In heaven? How did they get up into heaven?

Me: Well, that is what happens if they crash and die.

Daughter (gazing up into the sky): But heaven is so high up in the sky. How do they get up there? Do their spirits fly?

Me: Honey, that is a good question but I don’t know.

Daughter: How come you don’t know?

Me: Because I have never died before.

Daughter (irritated with my answer): So, what you're saying is you don’t know how they get up into heaven!

Me: No.

Daughter (exasperated and determined) Humph, since you don’t know what happens I’m going to go ask Dad about it!

Me: Dad?

Daughter: Yes, because he knows the answers to the important things!

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