Sunday, July 11, 2010

Personal Revelation

I am being tutored in personal revelation. I am a slow learner.

Here are some of the things that I am being taught:

1. When the Lord answers my prayers and tells me - with clarity - what I am to do, the entire idea of it all becomes empowering, exhilarating and quite frankly, intimidating! Intimidating because I KNOW all my weaknesses. I KNOW all my flaws. And He knows them all better than I do. And He still trusts that I can pull it off?! Really?!

2. Personal Revelation is a process. It comes line upon line upon line as I ask, wait, listen; ask, seek, find; ask, go, do. Somewhere in that process of asking and seeking and fasting and doing, sometimes it may culminate into something I would have NEVER considered in the beginning. Never, with a capital N! But when it is right, I must go and do what the Lord has asked.

3. Sometimes personal revelation can affect others. In this specific case of mine, it will have a direct effect on my immediate family. Now, as this process continues, I will learn how the Lord uses one member in a family to bring about His purposes. I am excited and interested how my husband and my children will choose to hear His voice, feel His Spirit, and receive their personal witness as well.

4. Family Council is the forum in which matters such as these, are presented, discussed, and decided upon. Sometimes it will require more than one Family Council to determine the outcome so time can be given to ponder, pray and fast, if necessary.

5. Personal revelation is just that. PERSONAL. It comes to us as a gift from God as we seek to know and do His will for us. It is the end result that is seen by others, and it is the end result, sometimes, becoming the target of criticism or disapproval. With that said, I am trying to be more careful to not judge unrighteously. “Why did you decide to move there?” “Why would you foster a child?” “Why did you quit your job?” “Why aren’t you having more children?” “Why are you on medication?” Sometimes questions like these can only be answered by replying, “Because that was what I felt was the right thing to do.” I believe it is because the process of receiving revelation becomes such a sacred, sanctifying, purifying personal experience it leaves little ability in describing to others the whys and the hows of a decision, unless both are moved upon by the Holy Ghost.

6. Just as receiving an answer is a process, I think fulfilling the end result becomes a process as well. It enables me to trust that the Lord will help me, teach me, guide me and see it through to the end – His end. Perhaps within the next few weeks I’ll be able to share the end result. Until then, know that I am filled with gratitude that the Lord does speak to us, listens to us, answers us and then allows us to go and do!!!

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