Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keeping Christ in Christmas . . .

and other thoughts!

I have pondered A LOT about how to keep the Savior front and center in a society that is filled with extreme materialism. For my husband and I – conscious of a budget with eight children – it is easier for us to keep in perspective the Savior’s role in this exciting time of year.

However, it is not so easy for our teenager to accept. After all, all his friends have the latest and greatest.  And they all have what he doesn’t have at all.

So this year I have found, with other children also maturing into the world of teenagerdom, that I am praying (yes, you read correctly), p-r-a-y-i-n-g for what presents we should give our children. I never would have thought that prayer would be a key factor in determining what to give, but it really has helped me keep the Savior foremost in my mind in what would be best for my children at Christmas – both their needs and their wants!

* * *
One of my pet peeves at Christmas - no, it would be much more than a pet peeve because it brings instant volcanic heat to my surface - is when people ask “What did you GET for Christmas?”


What did you GET?

Isn't this supposed to be a the season of GIVING?

So here is my counter question whenever I hear the ONE that sends me straight into the fiery furnace, “What was the best gift you GAVE this Christmas?”

Usually, it is followed by a blank stare for a few seconds. But after careful thought following my surprise quiz, it is amazing how the answer is given with such tender fondness and selflessness.

That's what Christmas is all about!

So - What is the best gift you’re GIVING this Christmas?

* * *
What do cars and jewelry have in common?

Other than they are both expensive, I think the car and jewelry TV commercials during the holidays depict the most selfish, most self-centered way of giving and receiving.

Okay, so maybe it’s because I’ve never given a car to someone or ever received a set of diamond jewelry for Christmas, but for me, those commercials resonant, so deeply and enticingly, “Entitlement.”

* * *
As you can see, I added a Christmas button on my blog! It’s from Stephanie @ Diapers and Divinity!  It's a 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. I think that will not only be fun, but it will be a GREAT way to keep the Savior in view as I go about the next 12 days before Christmas!

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