Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9: Jesus is . . .

Jesus is The Creator
(Mosiah 3:8)

Creating something – anything - is so exhilarating.

I know a woman who toils with sugar and butter in creating the most incredible, decorated cakes (I cannot believe people actually eat them - they are that amazing)!

I know a man, a machinist by trade, who makes stunning, unique jewelry just for his wife and six daughters. (He surprises them with something spectacular every Christmas).

I know a woman who takes clutter and mess and organizes it into manageable, working order. (She can turn a room, a house, or an office around in no time at all).

I know a man who can take a piece of wood and transform it into furniture you would see in an elite furniture gallery. (He made this incredible “wall-bed” that folds up into the wall and turns into workable shelf area when the bed is up!!)

The list of what people can create goes on and on and all recognition for these gifts and traits go back to Jesus, who is our Creator.

He who created me to become like Him.
 * * *
I have often wondered how He sees me as I try the things He created. I suppose I began thinking about this when our first baby started learning how to eat and all the little ones that followed.

I would always anticipate their expressions, their reactions, their responses.

Like the smile of the sweetness of a sweet potato.

Or the gag on the peculiarity of green beans and peas.

And, of course, the surprise on the first taste of good, old-fashioned ice cream.

Which has made me think, What has He seen in me when I first tried the barbequed octopus?

Or what was His reaction to my tasting of salty ocean water which was pouring down my throat?

Or did He smile when I feel a spider quickly crawling down my arm?

And to think that ALL this - from sweet potatoes to spiders - and so much more, He created for me.

For me to enjoy.

For me to figure out.

For me to understand.

And most importantly, for me to testify that He lives!  That He is my Creator!

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