Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Home Evening - Applying Christmas Past to Christmas Present

Tonight for Family Home Evening we had eight pieces of paper with a word (or a phrase) written on the top.
Here were our list of words:
1. Star
2. Baby Jesus
3. Lambs
4. Shepherds
5. Stable
6. Angels
7. Mary and Joseph
8. A crowded inn

Each child was to draw a picture representing the word on their paper.  And as they were drawing they were to think of these two questions:

1. What does this picture/word have to do with the story of Christmas.
2. What does this picture/word have to do with us NOW?

Okay, so this Family Home Evening became a hands-on, artistic showing with a bounty of personal insights on each subject!  (Being hands-on artistic meant they forgot that they could use their hands to hit, tease, bug and annoy, because it was flanked with crayons, markers and colored pencils!!)

I was amazed as I listened to our children retell the Christmas story, but I was  REALLY amazed at how they applied their picture to today.

We ended with this thought:
"Are you part of the Inn crowd
or one of the Stable few?"

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  1. I will be borrowing this for FHE next week. Thanks, Darla.